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Monday, April 6, 2015

Comic-Con 2014 Friday and Saturday

Hello all,

I finally finished the Comic-Con videos. sorry for taking so long to get to them, but I've been extremely busy producing a new show. I can't give to much away but I can tell you that it will be a reality series about collectors vs resellers. filming is going great so far. this show will be shot on a seasonal basis and will be released on a weekly basis once the season is finished shooting. I got some Wondercon 2015 footage coming your way as well so stay tuned for that. Until then, enjoy this little clip.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Free writing shit.

Hey guys,

I just feel like ranting for a while so bare with me and enjoy the ramblings.


I got up this morning, thinking to myself "yeah. It's gonna be a good day. gonna drop my wife off at work, I'm gonna head to Kobey's Swapmeet with my camera gear, get a bunch of great shots, and buy some good shit." I drop off the wife as planned, go to the swapmeet as planned, got my camera out as planned, but I get in and there's nothing worth shooting, so that last plan goes right out of the fucking window. At least I didn't go empty-handed; got an OG Xbox controller and a 360 controller for about $12. Now that I'm thinking about it, I might have short-changed the guy $2. Oh well. he didn't tell me anything as I walked away with the stuff. It is what it is. Now I'm at a Starbucks waiting for 11:00 AM to roll around, so I can pick up some ticket to do a 5K run/walk with wife tomorrow night. should be fun. Yes, I exercise every now and then. shocker huh? I was getting ready to do some editing on my final 2014 comic con video when I noticed that I forgot my fucking headphones. Well, my day is just getting started. Later I gotta pick up the wife, go get my paycheck(s) if I have any, and hopefully watch a good movie tonight. Wife already saw 50 Shades of Shit and I'm not interested in sitting through it in a movie theater with perverts who making fapping noises and moans. Too bad Chappie's not out yet. I really want to check that out. I support anything Neil Blomnkamp does (I know I botched the name. get over it). hopefully Chappie blows up and Fox will pay Neil a shit load of cash to do his version of Alien, a franchise that can benefit from a fresh perspective. If nothing is playing I could at least take wife to a vegan restaurant. No she's not a vegam (thank God), but she makes a point to not eat any meat on Fridays, and no she's not a Catholic (Too bad). I feel I should rant on religion but I'm too lazy right now and I want to do something other than freewrite at this moment, but what the fuck to do for the next couple of hours with a laptop and no headphones? I don't know, but I'm gonna figure it out before I lose my fucking head.

Until next time, stay true. Stay you.
Okay, I'm done now. you can stop reading.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

San Diego Comic-Con 2014 - Preview Night

I know it may seem alittle late to bring out these series of videos right now because Comic Con season isn't for about several months, but I want to get all this footage off my hard drive. And there isn't a better way to do that than share that with you guys.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Comic Con 2014 -Thursday

Okay, so this has been hiding on my laptop for a minute and I simply forgot about until recently, when my hard drive space got filled up. As you can tell from the title, this is only Thursday. I got the other days as well as preview night coming your way. EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS GOES OUT TO JON ESPARZA FOR HOOKING ME UP WITH THE BADGE. You guy can check out his stuff HERE.