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Thursday, April 17, 2014

▶ Demolition Man 3DO GHETTO GAMERS review

I'm going back to my roots on this one.

My current situation is dictating my reuploading frenzy at this moment. What situation you ask? well I'm no longer living in my own home anymore due to financial setbacks (don't ask), which has forced my wife and I to seek refuge in different zip codes. My wife, puppies, and essential belongings are currently residing at my brother-in-law's apartment in Lakeside California, while my video and gaming equipment is sitting rather comfortably at my mother apartment in Northpark California. the commute back and fourth to my current job (which is located in downtown San Diego), my brother-in-law's, and my mother's is very taxing on my car making me choose one or the other to camp out for the night. Of course I'm going to choose being with the wife. So where does that leave my video making. Well only time is going tell how it's all going to pan out.

To keep you all satisfied for now, I am uploading most of my gaming videos from my old channel: Terrible Films. The other reason for re uploading to my channel is fear of them being taken down by my ex-roommate/friend who has already taken down all of the videos we collaborated on making the Flunky and Max Sterling show non-extant. The death of FAMSS is a discussion for another time.

Let's talk about this particular video right here. This was my first attempt at making a video game review. I was heavily inspired by Chris Bores (AKA The Irate Gamer). The beginning of the video is actually missing because we originally used "Cisco Kid" by War in our title sequence. Youtube didn't like that very much, so the video was muted. Removing the title sequence was our only option to re upload this with sound. This was shot at my friend Phillip's apartment. He's a game collector who started collecting before youtube was even conceived, so he was able to find all his collectables at prices that you only dream about.  

I hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane. It's going to be a fun ride.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Youtuber Of The Day: Alpha Omega Sin

Hey guys, It's time for me to start celebrating all the cool youtuber who have survived the onslaught of commentators because of their passion for gaming by offering acknowledgement to their perseverance. I shall call this YOUTUBER OF THE DAY.

Youtuber of the Day is not a new column for me; in fact I was doing this when I wrote for gotgame.com. I don't know why I stopped doing YTOTD; I guess I was at a point where I just got lazy. I figure it's time to give this another go, so today I going to start recognizing not just the Youtubers who make the videos but the videos themselves as well.

Today, youtuber alphaomegasin came to us with some interesting piece of news: Microsoft is looking to offer backwards compatibility to their current console the Xbox One.

Every since Microsoft's console reveal, people have been asking for backwards compatibility; unfortunately the MS spokespeople said that it would be impossible due to the Xbone's radically advanced architecture.

The question now is why worry about backwards compatibility now? The answer is simple: lack of sales and a really dinky library. While walking into my local Gamestop recently, I noticed a makeshift sign out front saying "We have Xbox Ones in stock". when I walked inside to see what games are available for the Xbone, I see nothing but the same titles like COD Ghosts and Tomb Raider(both available on last gen consoles) and of course a bunch of empty coming soon titles with the words "Reserve Now" written on them. The Xbox One has a ton of bells and whistles, but it doesn't have what really counts: Games. When I look at the Sony side of Gamestop, I see many more titles available for the PS4. It's almost like 3rd party developers are jumping ship, so MS needs to come up with something that will help keep them afloat.

The above video has some great ideas for allowing the Xbone players a chance to revisit the games that really put the 360 on the map. Let us hope that MS follow through with this idea.

Friday, March 28, 2014

LG Recognized By Mobile And Design Industry Heavyweights For Shaping Next Wave Of Innovation

LG Recognized By Mobile And Design Industry Heavyweights For Shaping Next Wave Of Innovation

Named 'Most Innovative Device Manufacturer,' LG Raises the Bar for Mobile Innovation in 2014

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., March 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Further solidifying its position as one of the world's most innovative leaders in mobile communications, LG Electronics has been singled out as the "Most Innovative Device Manufacturer" by the GSM Association. This is in tandem with LG's flagship devices earning additional prestigious recognitions, including the 2014 iF Design Gold Award, 2014 Red Dot "Best of the Best" Award and CES Innovation Award.

With the release of key innovative and stylish flagship devices, including the LG G Flex, LG G2 and Nexus 5, LG has expanded its commitment to design leadership, while raising the standard for mobile innovation in 2014.
"LG's strives to put a major emphasis on finding actionable insights to guide thoughtful design and innovation," said Morris Lee, senior vice president and head of North American sales and marketing, LG Mobile Communications Company. "Mobile and design industry accolades like these demonstrate LG's excellence in innovation, validate our vision and help bring it to life."
Shaping the Next Wave of Innovation
LG raised the bar in smartphone design with the LG G Flex, the world's first curved, flexible smartphone*. The following awards were bestowed upon LG for this type of innovation, demonstrating its cutting-edge capabilities in design and engineering.
The Global Mobile Award, sponsored by the GSMA Award Committee represented by mobile specialists and analysts, named LG Electronics the Most Innovative Device Manufacturer of the Year at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014. LG showcased eight smartphone models, including LG G Pro 2, LG G Flex, LG G2 mini, LG F Series and LG L Series III under the theme, Knock and Discover Tomorrow.
LG found itself in the international spotlight again at the 2014 iF Design Awards, which recognize and increase public awareness about influential product designs, with 26 products earning honors, including the LG G Flex which was selected as the 2014 iF Gold Award winner. The LG G Flex, along with the LG G2, was commended by iF judges for implementing a new approach to smartphone design for the unique Rear Key feature that houses the volume and power controls in one convenient spot on the back of the device – the most natural and instinctual resting place for one's index finger during voice calls.
With more than 4,800 entries this year, the internationally respected Red Dot Awards are one of the most respected in the design awards industry. The LG G Flex was recognized with the coveted Red Dot "Best of the Best" award, while the LG G2 and LG G Pad 8.3 also received 2014 Red Dot recognitions.
Lastly, at this year's International CES, the LG G2 smartphone earned the CES 2014 Innovation Award distinction in the highly competitive wireless handset category. LG also earned top accolades for G Flex as one of the best new products of 2014 at CES, including "Editors' Choice Award" from Reviewed.com, "Editor's Choice Award" from Popular Mechanics and "12 Best Products from CES 2014" from Popular Science.
"LG G Flex's curved and ergonomic design reinforces LG as a forward-thinker in today's consumer-driven industry," said Chulbae Lee, vice president and head of Mobile Communications Design Lab, LG Mobile Communications Company. "We're honored to receive this type of prestigious endorsement from globally recognized organizations that validate LG's designs as truly breakthrough and indicative of a sign of more envelope-pushing innovation to come."

he flexibility of this product is limited. This phone may be bent flat up to 180 degrees for a limited period of time only. Do not bend inward or twist.

UNAVCO chooses Front Range Internet, Inc. (FRII) for Colocation Services

UNAVCO, a non-profit, university-governed consortium, has chosen Front Range Internet, Inc (FRII) to provide colocation services to support its Geodetic Data Services Program on a global basis.

UNAVCO operates and supports geodetic networks, and geophysical and meteorological instruments. It has 106 US academic members and 92 Associate Members - both domestic and international. UNAVCO is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado with regional offices in San Clemente, California, Portland, Oregon, and Anchorage, Alaska. Geoscience and engineering staff are deployed on assignments throughout the United States and around the world with regular deployments in the Arctic and Antarctica.
Under the announcement today, UNAVCO will move its servers and storage platforms from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology to FRII's new datacenter where data will be accessed 24x7 around the globe by geodetic researchers and others to study the Earth's shape, gravity field, and rotation; understand and mitigate natural hazards, understand weather and climate; and help with resource management (e.g. agriculture, urban planning, water and energy).
Geodetic research defines the terrestrial reference frame and quantifies changes in the properties of Earth's surface, subsurface, ice sheets, glaciers, oceans, and atmosphere. UNAVCO collects, stores, and makes available terabytes of data including global position, global satellite, synthetic aperture radar, terrestrial laser scanning, airborne laser scanning, borehole strain and seismic data, tilt and pore pressure temperature data, laser strain data, and meteorological data.
FRII has had a datacenter in Fort Collins for several years, but has recently completed a new 3,000 square foot, state-of-the art facility to accommodate entities with stringent security and high availability requirements. FRII's datacenter has dual power feeds, 3 generators, 3 UPS's, 120 tons of cooling, multiple Gigabit connections to the Internet, biometric security, and 24x7x365 monitoring and support.
"UNAVCO promotes research and learning by providing access to several types of data that our community of scientists uses for quantifying the motions of rock, ice and water at or near the Earth's surface. We needed to find a facility that could provide us with an infrastructure that is always up and always on given the worldwide audience we service," said Dr. Fran Boler, Data Center Manager for UNAVCO. "Our intellectual property is in the vast amounts of data we collect and store on a daily basis. This data is irreplaceable and we looked all over the Front Range to find a company that could provide the added security we require. Front Range Internet, Inc. has provided us with the infrastructure and peace of mind that we were seeking with a 24x7x365 staffed and monitored facility. By placing our servers in FRII's datacenter in an infrastructure that meets our high security and uptime requirements, we can focus on providing the services scientists around the world are expecting. We very impressed with the design that went into the datacenter and the responsiveness and flexibility of FRII's staff."
"We had reached capacity on our existing datacenter and saw a need to provide a much higher level of service, as can be found in major metropolitan areas. With our new facility we are attracting major clients such as UNAVCO," said Bill Ward, President and CEO of FRII. "Because of what we have to offer and the fact that we are not in an earthquake, hurricane, or flood zone, we are getting inquiries from major entities within the Rocky Mountain Region, in particular Boulder and Denver. We look forward to providing UNAVCO the highest level of services and support they expect and need for their clients."
Front Range Internet, Inc.is a leading provider of datacenter infrastructure and Internet services to government, education, enterprise and other business entities. FRII is a privately held corporation located in Fort Collins, Colorado. You can find them online at www.frii.com.
UNAVCO receives primary support from the National Science Foundation with additional support from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the U.S. Geological Survey. UNAVCO also works with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). www.unavco.org.